Uncovering the Unconscious Eating Style

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This 40 minute virtual workshop is designed for folks who identify with or would like to learn more about the Unconscious Eating style and the 4 sub-types.


Who is an Unconscious Eater? 
  • Unconscious eaters often find themselves eating while doing other things such as working, watching TV, or scrolling through social media.
  • There's also a tendency for unconscious eaters to skip meals due to a busy, chaotic, stressful, or over scheduled lifestyle. When this happens, unconscious eaters might go all day without eating very much and then find themselves starving by the end of the day (which could lead to overeating or binge eating behaviors).
  • This eating persona has a tendency to use food to deal with emotions such as stress, boredom, or anger. It's possible that an unconscious eater has experienced some form of food scarcity in their life; from self-imposed restriction for the purpose of weight loss, financial struggles limiting food access, or even from a parent forbidding certain foods such as candy.
Uncovering the Unconscious Eating Style is designed to be a simple, quick, fun, and affordable way for you to learn more about this eating persona. We'll dive deep into the nuance of the 4 unconscious eating subtypes (chaotic, waste-not, refuse-not, emotional) so you can discover more about how your past experiences and current tendencies affect your relationship with food. You'll leave this workshop with 4 action steps to implement geared towards helping you shift from an unconscious eater to rediscovering your intuitive eater.
When & where is the workshop? This workshop takes place right on your computer, tablet, or smartphone! This is a DIY-type of class, meaning that you can participate in the workshop on your own time. When you purchase the course, you'll receive a video recording of the course (delivered power-point-slide style with audio) + a written transcript + a PDF copy of the slides for your reference!
What happens when I click the buy now button? When you sign up for the Unconscious Eater workshop, you'll be redirected a secure PayPal site. Once you pay, you'll receive an email from me with your immediate lifetime access to the class. Be sure to check all inboxes including spam/clutter for an email from sadie@sadiesimpson.com