Trainings & Workshops

I offer trainings, workshops, and speaking for:

  • gyms and studio teams
  • retreats
  • community events
  • businesses
  • non-profits
  • …and more!

Topics include:

  • Hidden disordered eating and exercise behaviors among group fitness instructors and personal trainers
  • Navigating negative body image conversations with your clients/classes without contributing to diet culture
  • Intuitive Eating 101: what it is, what it isn’t, and why you should consider incorporate this framework into your nutrition programming
  • How to move away from manipulative and shame-based messaging in your fitness programming to create a more inclusive environment
  • How to spot (and eliminate) diet culture from your business culture
  • Cultivating body respect by learning how to listen to your body’s internal cues instead of relying on food rules

Workshops and speaking engagements are offered in-person or online. If you’re interested in a custom topic that is related to: Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, shame-free fitness programming, group fitness management, just ask.

For inquires about trainings, workshops, and speaking, email me: