Healthy Happy Habits Lifestyle Integration Program

A customized 3-month program designed to help busy women transform their lives through building healthy, happy habits…

one step at a time

Imagine what it will feel like to never have to start, stop, and re-start another diet again. 

To no longer spend so much time obsessing over food. 

To feel confident going on vacation for a week without worrying about gaining 10 pounds.

To free up the mental energy consumed by counting about calories, carbs & points to create space that will allow you the clarity to pursue something more: a new hobby, a new relationship, a career change, more time with your family or simply more time to relax.

To declutter your diet, to simplify fitness and to find stress-free ways to integrate both into your lifestyle without it feeling like so much work.

To have the endurance to play with your kids or to contribute to your community in a bigger way.

To be an example for those around you.

And to finally feel healthy, happy, confident and comfortable in your own skin – for life.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s Monday and you’ve started a new diet. You’ve bought all of the healthy groceries. You’ve gotten all of the junk food out of your house. You’ve renewed your gym membership, you’ve picked out a few group fitness classes to take for the upcoming week and you just updated your My Fitness Pal app.

You are finally ready to do this.

A few days pass and you start seeing some results. You’re feeling amazing, energized and motivated.

But then, something happens:
The weekend arrives.
Your kid gets sick.
You are entering a busy season at work.
You go out of town to visit family for the weekend.

And all of that progress you’ve made is completely derailed. The plan goes out the window. The drive-thru becomes best option. The workouts…uhhhh what workouts?

By Sunday night, you’re determined that you’ll get back on track Monday morning.

And you do.

But the weekend rolls around again and the same thing happens. Week after week. Month after month.

You’re not seeing any lasting results because you have to keep starting back over every single Monday.

You’ve lost your motivation. You’re frustrated. 

And most of all, you’re really freakin’ exhausted from working, mom-ing, wife-ing, not sleeping…basically ALL THE THINGS.

You haven’t worked out consistently in months.

You feel uncomfortable in your clothes. 

You have zero energy. 

You just can’t seem to find the time or motivation to do anything other than work or take care of your family.

You want to feel strong.

You want to feel healthy and energized.

You want to feel like your best self.

But you feel stuck & you don’t know what to do next.

Healthy Happy Habits: 
Lifestyle Integration Program

Hi! I’m Sadie Simpson, your Healthy Happy Habits leader and believe me, I’ve been there before. I spent years doing all of the things  they say you’re supposed to do to lose weight and be fit (…but who is “they”? I’m still not really sure to be honest):

I’ve done the diets. I’ve counted the points, calories and carbs.

I’ve spent my weekends grocery shopping and prepping healthy meals for the week only to find that I’ve wasted a lot of time and money prepping and cooking food that I don’t really even enjoy.

I’ve spent so many Monday-Thursdays being week-day dieter: eating what I considered to be super-healthy throughout the week only to completely binge on the foods I deprived myself of on the weekend, miserable and powerless by Sunday night. 

I’ve spent hours at the gym taking cardio classes trying to make up for the damage I thought I did from eating things like pizza, ice cream and cookies.

I’ve spent years in a constant cycle of frustration with diet and exercise.


But deep down, I knew there had to be another way of eating, moving and living.

After A LOT of trial & error, practice, education and a whole lot of self-trust, I began to hone-in on new habits and behaviors. 

Habits that actually worked. 

Habits that made sense.

Habits that were founded in abundance and enjoyment instead of scarcity and deprivation, especially with food.

Habits that have given me the freedom to ditch restrictive dieting for good.

Habits that have allowed me to move and exercise in ways that enhance my life.

I now prioritize eating the foods I love and foods that make me feel great. I focus on quick, simple, efficient and fun workouts that help me build the strength to feel empowered and confident. And most importantly: I have finally found ease with food and fitness and peace in my body.

And I want to help you find that ease & peace, too.

You don’t have to keep doing the same things you’ve always done. The things that stress you out. The things you hate. In fact, if you want to see change, you have to try something different. And this is true for any area of life, not just with fitness and nutrition. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the years and the one common element in those who have seen real, lasting results is their willingness to try a new way of thinking, eating, doing, moving and letting go of all pre-conceived notions of what a healthy lifestyle is supposed to look like.

Your customized 3-month program includes:

Lifestyle Integration. Made simple.

Your health, your happiness, your life, YOUR WAY.

Some programs promise complete body transformation through diet and exercise. That sounds great in theory, but isn’t realistic in practice.

  • I can’t promise you a dramatic before-and-after weight loss comparison photo in 3 months.
  • I can 100% guarantee that throughout this program, you’ll establish sustainable habits through fitness and nutrition that will help you align your goals + your priorities + your values + your habits to create the life-long change you’re looking for.

Our focus in working together is on the process, not the outcome.

Healthy Happy Habit Sessions.

We will meet virtually via video chat or phone call for 30 minutes each week for the first month to set clear targets so you can reach your goals with ease. In the second and third month, we’ll meet every other week so you can have time to focus on taking consistent action.

Our sessions will be centered on building sustainable habits one step at a time, focusing on these 4 key factors:

  1. nutrition
  2. fitness
  3. mindset
  4. time management

Additionally, each week you’ll complete a quick self-assessment identifying what’s going really well and what still needs some time and attention so we can stay focused on your goals.

Customized nutrition program. I am not going to write you a meal plan. I am also not going to give you a daily calorie or carb goal. Nor will I ask you to eliminate all of your favorite foods. In fact, there’s increasing evidence that shows restrictive diet programs (aka Whole 30 and Keto) fail because the methods aren’t sustainable for most regular folks like you and me. Instead of following a mainstream dieting approach, we will work together to develop simple & stress-free customized nutrition strategies that you can seamlessly incorporate into your lifestyle. 

Customized exercise plan. Your personalized fitness program will be designed to fit your schedule, preferences and goals using the resources accessible to you. Your customized plan is tailored for what you need and how you need it. That might be in the form of a home or gym training program, help with picking out and scheduling group fitness classes to attend or simply finding creative ways to incorporate more movement throughout your busy day.

Daily support and accountabilityYou’ll have daily text and email access to me 8am-8pm to troubleshoot any problems and ask questions in real-time. I will also be messaging you regularly to check in. Life is tough, there’s no reason to go at it alone. We all need someone to help guide us in the right direction, to hold us accountable for taking action so we don’t give up, and to cheer us on when we accomplish something great!

Exclusive client resource area. You’ll have access to an abundance of resources at your fingertips – everything from new quick workouts and recipes to in-depth training programs and tools to help you stay on track for good.

Sadie helped me realize and celebrate my small victories. We are so programmed to only celebrate the big stuff (major weight loss or running a 5k). Seeing her excitement about the small steps that will eventually lead to big changes has helped to start reprogramming how I view these victories. I’ve always felt a comfort with Sadie and that is difficult for me; especially about my body and weight. This comfort level increased as we worked together more closely. She was so encouraging and supportive. 


Ready to get started?

Healthy Happy Habits is right for you if:

  • YOU’RE FINALLY READY FOR LASTING CHANGEYou’ve tried everything; every diet, every exercise program and nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks. You’re tired of trying the “next thing” and want to find something that sticks.
  • YOU’RE EXCITED BY THE IDEA OF TRYING SOMETHING NEW. You want to end the cycle of getting on and off of the diet wagon once and for all. You’re sick of having no energy, no time, no motivation and are truly ready to make a change.
  • YOU KNOW THAT INVESTING IN YOURSELF IS WORTH IT. You’re ready to have support from someone who gets it; someone who has been there and someone who can help you navigate this process.

Healthy Happy Habits is NOT for you if:

  • YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK. I will coach and guide you through this process but you have to be the one to make yourself a priority.
  • YOU’RE OK WITH STAYING STUCKYou want a quick fix. If you’re looking to quickly lose a quick 10 pounds in a few weeks only to gain it back when you immediately revert back to the old way of doing things, this program is not for you.
  • YOU’RE FINE WITH THE WAY THINGS ARE NOW. You’re not interested in digging a little deeper to explore the mindset barriers and self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from making the long-term changes you need to sustain your progress.

Investing in YOUR Healthy Happy Habits

Investment in your 3-month customized Healthy Happy Habits Lifestyle Integration program is $599

payment plans available!

Let’s compare: The cost of a gym membership can be anywhere to $50-$100/month – or more – and does not include customized fitness and nutrition support.

If you’d like to hire a personal trainer after joining the gym, you’ll be paying and additional $60-$75 for each 30-minute workout session.

Over the course of 3 months, you could be paying anywhere between $800-$2,000+ for a gym membership and a personal trainer
and that doesn’t even include any nutrition, mindset and time-management coaching or ongoing support between sessions.

This is where Healthy Happy Habits is unique. Because of the nature of this virtual program, you’ll get the total package: in-depth wellness coaching and a structured lifestyle program designed just for you.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work with someone you trust. 

Someone who…

  • is NOT just your everyday Instagram Beachbody Coach but is instead a behavior change expert with a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and over 12+ years working professionally in the health, fitness and wellness field
  • listens to understand your goals and struggles
  • communicates in a way that matches your motivational style
  • customizes your fitness and nutrition program to meet your individual needs
  • provides support and accountability between sessions
  • helps you get organized and stay on track
  • checks in with you on a regular basis
  • helps you work through ALL of the other things that feed into our lives that derail us from feeling our very best: managing food cravings, dealing with the stress of work and home, working around our kid’s soccer practice schedule, lack of sleep, lack of time, lack of energy.

It’s hard to take the leap and invest in ourselves. But it’s time. As women, we naturally put everyone and everything ahead of our own needs. It’s time to shift your mindset and start putting yourself first in order to be the strongest version of yourself.

You deserve it.

Have questions or still on the fence about joining? Let’s talk more! Click the box to fill out the application so I can learn more about you. We’ll schedule a time to chat more in depth to see if we’re a good fit for each other. By filling out this application, there is ZERO obligation to sign up.