stop the cycle of weekday dieting & weekend overeating

quit losing [and gaining back] the same 15 pounds every year

ditch the food journals, the calorie counters, the points calculators & your obsession with the number on the scale


You’ve tried IT ALL. Every diet, every shake, every pill, and nothing seems to last for more than a few weeks. You’re tired of starting back over every single Monday. You’re overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information about what you should/shouldn’t eat. You constantly think about food: worrying about how many calories are in the slice of pizza you had for lunch, obsessing over what you’ll eat for your Friday night cheat meal, searching for the magic bullet that will make nutrition less confusing.

This might come as a surprise to you, but nutrition is simple. We just like to make it hard.

That’s why I created Declutter Your Diet, a program dedicated to helping you simplify the complexities of nutrition and to cultivate habits that will stick, for life.

Due to years of following mainstream diet programs, we’ve lost touch with our innate ability to eat in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable and in alignment with our goals + values. In order to create ease with eating, we first have to do the work to unlearn the behaviors that imprison us in this frustrating yo-yo dieting cycle. Then we can start to make peace with food and our bodies.

Declutter Your Diet will teach you how to ditch the excess when it comes to nutrition: eliminating the rigid rules of dieting, uncovering your limiting beliefs about what nutrition “should” look like and getting rid of old habits that hold you back.

Imagine what it will feel like when:

You will eat the same way Sunday-Saturday and never have to start back fresh on Monday

You can go to a restaurant or party without stressing out about making good choices with food

You won’t have to do another freakin’ Whole 30 with your co-workers in January because you’re now living a Whole dang LIFE – one that includes bread & cookies, thank you very much.

You finally have the time, mental energy & money to devote to doing something meaningful [putting it towards your family, traveling, pursuing a new hobby or creative outlet, going back to school, contributing to your community, even paying down debt] because you won’t be wasting those precious resources thinking about, planning or obsessing over food.

Declutter Your Diet will help you navigate nutrition with intention and end the diet cycle. 

What's included:

The Declutter Your Diet Framework: You’ll have access to a private portal where you can follow the program modules at your own pace!

  • Direction – the what + why. Education, information and clear guidance on what it means to declutter your diet and why it’s time to try a new approach with eating. Each lesson is delivered in through a 5 minute video training + written outline for each video. Topics we’ll cover: decluttering the rules of dieting, exploring your beliefs about food, decoding emotional eating and how to manage it, re-learning your hunger and fullness cues, how to simplify meal planning and grocery shopping + much more.
  • Development – the how. Growth occurs when you take action. Along with each lessons, you’ll also receive a challenge related to the topic. Your challenges are designed to keep you focused, motivated and excited to continue moving forward with decluttering your diet.
  • Discussion – accountability + support. As an additional layer of accountably, you’ll have a safe and understanding space to share your success [and struggles] in an exclusive online community. All Declutter Your Diet participants are invited to join our private Facebook group to ask questions, seek support and share their wins with a community of others who are also following this journey.

Live Connection Sessions: In addition to the online community, I will also host 4 live sessions throughout January & February 2020 where you’ll have the chance to interact with real people in real time via Zoom. These sessions include opportunities to receive direct coaching from Sadie through Q&A sessions as well as mini-trainings on hot topics related to nutrition, fitness and health. While it’s best if you can attend our sessions live, they’ll also be recorded so that you can view them later on your own time.

Is this for you?

  • This is the right program for you if you’re ready to find freedom from dieting, simplify nutrition and create automation in an area that tends to be stressful, overwhelming and all-consuming.
  • Declutter Your Diet is also the perfect fit for you if you’re interested in exploring old habits, behaviors and beliefs that are keeping you in the same old cycle. Unlike most surface-level programs, the content in Declutter Your Diet goes deep.
  • You’re OVER IT. You’ve spent too many years starting, stopping and thinking about dieting + weight loss and are ready for a change. You know you’ve got to do something different and need support in navigating the process.

This isn’t for your if…

  • you are looking for another restrictive and stressful diet program to start in January
  • you are seeking weight loss as a top priority. Although you will learn new strategies for integrating different nutrition habits into your life, weight loss is not the focus of this program [REFRESHING, HUH!?!].
  • you believe decluttering your diet means to get rid of all the junk food in your house, to avoid all sugar and carbs: because that’s NOT what this program is about.
  • you’re fine with the way things are now & are okay with staying stuck and frustrated with dieting

Other things to know

Declutter Your Diet is NOT a quick-fix weight loss program

In fact, it’s not a weight loss program at all. I will not be giving out meal plans or calorie/carb goals & you won’t use the scale or any other numerical measurement to judge your success. We’ve gone down that road before and that stuff just doesn’t work long-term. This program provides a non-diet, habit-based framework designed specifically to help you integrate simple + stress-free behaviors so you can finally build a lifestyle of ease & automation with eating. In order to see success with this program, weight loss must be put on the back-burner and an open mind, a willingness to try something new, stepping into the discomfort zone and learning how to trust yourself must be the top priorities.

Our online community will take place in a private, members-only Facebook group

If you don’t have Facebook or prefer not to use it, YES you can still participate in this program! You’ll still have access to the Declutter Your Diet Framework and our 4 live sessions that take place via Zoom in January & February. You will, however, miss out on the community and accountability aspects of the program. Some folks create a secret Facebook account for the sole purpose of participating in the community, so that’s also an option. The benefit of our online community is that you’ll have a safe + fun space to interact with others who are just like you, to share your wins, to ask questions & to get feedback in a supportive environment. I’ll be popping in the Facebook group daily to answer questions and to provide coaching as well.


Email me at with any questions you have about joining!

Registration for Declutter Your Diet is currently closed and will re-open again in March 2020.

But no worries! You can grab a copy of my FREE Mindful Meals + Movement Weekly Planner right here if you’re ready to get started with something nowWe use this exact tool within Declutter Your Diet every single week!

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