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What do fitness and finances have in common?

I’ve been chatting a lot about money and budgets lately over in my IG stories @thesadiesimpson but I realized that you might not be following me over there yet and I wanted to bring you into the fold.

Someone DM’d me the other day and asked:  You’re a personal trainer. Why do talk so much about budgets and money in your Instagram stories?  Valid question.

My response? There are so many similarities in building a body and building a budget. Both require:

  • Taking a deep look at your goals – both short term and big picture
  • Intention and structure if you want to see results
  • Focus. We both know that what you pay attention to is what gets accomplished:

    When you’re focused on fitness, you see changes in your body.

    When you’re focused on finances, you see more $$$$$ in your bank account.

You already know I don’t believe…in extremes when it comes to fitness and food. …that rigid workout programs and strict diets just don’t work – long term. …and a black-and-white way of thinking with dieting and exercise doesn’t get us anywhere because it forces us to stay on a constant cycle of being “off” or “on” a program and nowhere in-between. 

I have the same mentality with finances as well. Living on a budget [and making small changes to the way we eat] doesn’t mean we have to deprive ourselves of the things we love. A budget [like a workout program] is a tool we can use to align our goals with our priorities and cultivate a lifestyle we truly love. 

Fitness and finances: two completely separate components of life, but also two that are also SO undeniably parallel.

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